Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

  1. GLC1 2 years ago

    I totally enjoyed this movie. I know people are shredding it all over the internet, and they are all entitle to theirs opinions, but I feel this was a decent ending to a Saga! Good action scenes, humor at times (not too much), a little sad, and a decent closing to the story. I recommend it!

  2. SavageGrl 2 years ago

    I enjoy the final installment of the Original Star Wars Saga. I know there will be more movies, but it will be branching out and start a whole new saga. It had good action from the get go, and the story was decent enough to end it. Not a perfect story, but again I really enjoyed it, and I am HUGE SW fan! I do not think my childhood is ruined when they make a bad one.

  3. tildentestonly123 2 years ago

    test only from Tilden (Using Gravatar email)

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